Thursday, August 28, 2014

4-1-4-1, Arsenal in the Champions League again

Arsenal 1, Besiktas 0 with the goal from Sanchez who started up front on his own in a 4-1-4-1 formation.

Flamini was almost playing as a third central defender.

The midfield four had Ox (right) and Oz (left) is the wide positions with Wilshere and Cazorla central.

Ramsey is first choice, ahead of anyone, and Arteta is captain, but both were unavailable (Ramsey from two yellows in the first leg and Arteta with an injury).

Flamini is error prone, I think, so he makes me nervous, although sometimes his touch looks very good. Arteta is slow, but his pass completion stats are high, so he's captain and first choice, although it would be nice to have Cesc playing there; but for last night, with two of the regular midfielders out, we looked better than normal.

If Cazorla and Wilshere could play this well with Ramsey in there, we'd be in good shape, and when they're playing this well, it is a curiosity how the boss would line up the team. For me, there are certain players I would love to see all the time, and Arteta is not one of them, so having one of these players (Ramsey or Wilshere) taking over that spot would be great. I'm one of those supporters who's disappointed that Arteta was made captain. I would have gone for Mertesacker, maybe, or another player on my list of favorites.

In midfield, I can't look past Ramsey, Chamberlain (the Ox), Wilshere, Cazorla, and Ozil. Those are my five. Walcott and Sanchez are right in the mix as well - one for striker and one battling for a spot on the wing. It's good to have options, and I like Arteta, Giroud, and the underrated Sanogo, but having the speedy technical players firing on all cylinders would be my first choice.